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Getting Paid to Teach in the UK

How are teachers paid in the UK?

As a Canadian teacher, you have options in terms of pay, and your pay will reflect your experience, school location and the role you are taking on. We can offer you work directly with the school you accept a role in, or you can be paid via PAYE or through a Payroll Provider. We can discuss all the options with you. It is good to have a choice and to not feel pressured into anything.

How much you get paid as a teacher in the UK, and the method and frequency with which you get paid, depends on a range of variables. These include the type of school you work for, the type of contract you work under (supply, fixed-contract or permanent), your teaching experience, the subjects you teach, and other differentiating factors.

We are very transparent and upfront with the teachers we work with, so you will never feel in the dark about your pay. Let’s face it, it’s very important! Read our blog and find out more about UK teacher pay scales here!

teachers getting paid UKPerformance Related Pay (for part time and full time teachers)

Until recently, a UK teacher’s pay was based entirely on their teaching experience. It increased incrementally over time and with the addition of additional roles responsibilities/ leadership. You can view that pay scale here. On top of this, there was (and still remains) a London weighting, helping London-based teachers offset the higher living costs of the capital.

As of September 2014 the UK government brought in performance-related pay (PRP). PRP meant that schools could introduce increases in a teacher’s pay based on how they were performing. PRP gives schools the freedom to reward committed and hardworking teachers and attract high performance from its staff. Performance is judged on the following factors:

  • impact on pupil progress
  • impact on wider outcomes for pupils
  • contribution to improvements in other areas (e.g. pupils’ behaviour or lesson planning)
  • professional and career development
  • wider contribution to the work of the school, for instance their involvement in school business outside the classroom

What is the daily pay rate for supply teaching in the UK?

We do not have a fixed pay rate for supply teachers as this is always dependent upon experience, location, and the school/s you will work at. Whether you are working permanent, fixed contract or supply, salary is always negotiable and dependent upon experience. Supply teaching salaries typically range from between £110-£180 per day, although highly experienced, in-demand teachers have been known to earn more.

International teachers working on supply (relief) contracts may also be able to take advantage of our Guaranteed Pay Scheme. Find out more about GPS at this link, or speak with your Teach In consultant.

Payment rates can depend on the type of school you work at

In certain Academies and Public (private) schools, Headteachers (Principals) have the scope to set every teacher KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s). Your performance can be recognised annually & you could be financially rewarded if you successfully hit your targets.

What other options are there for teachers to increase their salaries, apart from PRP?

Great question. As an international teacher, you may be in the UK short term or planning on working as a casual (supply teacher) only.

If you are planning on teaching in London & working on supply (casual) teaching contract in certain areas (low socio-economic areas in London, some Home Counties, and in other very densely populated areas), your services will be in demand. As an independent agency, Teach In are often able to negotiate a higher rate (per day) on your behalf than the equivalent to the national teachers main pay scale.

It is no secret that if you are a specialist teacher (Maths, Science or Information Technology subjects), you can negotiate a higher salary with our schools in the beginning.

What about getting paid through a Payroll Provider?

As a teacher working via Teach In, you also have the option to work via an Payroll Provider. 

A payroll provider acting as the “go between” between the agency (Teach In, Supply Desk, Just Teachers) and contractor (you, the teacher). 

Thousands of teachers working on supply teaching (casual relief teaching) & long-term contract teaching assignments opt to work via a Payroll Provider. In the UK, it is estimated that around 14% of professional contractors use umbrella companies to manage their business.

You can read more about Payroll Providers at this link.

What are the benefits of working through a Payroll Provider? 

As an employee you can claim some work related expenses & create a higher rate of pay via this payroll route. Many international teachers benefit from opting to run their payroll via an Umbrella Company. Teachers can find using an Umbrella Company easier to streamline your end of year tax return. You can also claim tax deductions. 

You will have to pay a weekly charge for this service & normally this is a fixed amount. 

What are my options if I don’t want to work through an Payroll Provider? 

If you choose not to use an umbrella company you will work as a PAYE (a tax term meaning pay as you earn) employee. You won’t get any work related expenses, tax deductions & it’s up to you to organise your end of year tax form. You do not pay any fees as a PAYE worker.

I’m interested in working via a Payroll Provider, what next? 

Contact your consultant to have your details passed onto our Umbrella Company. 

Do I have to work via a Payroll Provider?

No. Unlike many other agencies, all international teachers have a choice whether to use one of our preferred umbrella companies or not. All international teachers will sign with our PAYE accounts team in Australia or Canada. If you decide you want to speak to a Payroll Provider consultant, your details will be passed on with your consent. You will not be forced into working with an Umbrella Company if you don’t want to.  

Speak with the Teach In team for honest pay advice

In a very competitive market, the best advice we can give you is speak to one of your Teach In consultants, by contacting your local Teach In branch.

If you are an Australian teacher with a HELP debt to repay, click here for the latest information on repaying your debt whilst working overseas.

getting paid as a teaching in the UK