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Useful Information: Visas, Payment and Getting Started

Heading to the UK is made simple when you work with us. After you register with Teach in, you will be assigned your own personal consultant, who has lived and worked in the UK as a teacher. They will help you identify which visa you need for the UK as well as give you lots of useful information to ease your transition to life in the UK. Securing you a job, is just on aspect of the support we offer.

Which visa do I need?

One of the most common topics we are asked about is visas. People want to know:

  • What kind of visa do I need to teach in the UK?
  • Do you work with schools that will sponsor me to work in the UK?
  • How much does a UK visa cost?
  • How long does a UK visa take to get?
  • How do I apply for the visa?

Read our comprehensive guide to work visas for the UK, which takes you through eligibility, cost, the application process and average wait times. If you have any additional questions, check our FAQs, or ask you local Teach In consultant, who will ensure they arm you with all the answers you need!

Most Canadian nationals under the age of 31 years are eligible for a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. 

How will I get paid?

The issue of payment is probably the second most important question on every international teacher’s mind.

  • How will I get paid?
  • How often will I get paid?
  • How can I make the most money?
  • What about UK tax and national insurance?
  • What’s all this about umbrella companies?

Our page on Getting Paid takes you through all of this, and more. If you have any questions after reading it, get in touch. 

Next Steps

Once you’ve decided that teaching in the UK is an adventure you just don’t want to miss out on, you may be wondering what is the next step from here.

We’ve got you covered!

Your local Teach In consultant can help you through the process step by step, to ensure you’ve thought of everything, to find you the right teaching role in the school and location that really suits you, and to make the process of moving overseas as smooth and easy as possible.

If you can’t wait to speak with them, here’s some other information you’ll find useful: