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What type of UK teaching work is right for me?

At Teach In we can offer our international teachers a range of work options. Each have their own benefits and below is a little run down on each.

Long Term Contract

In a Long Term Contract you will be working within the one school for an extended period. That might be 6 weeks, a term or a full school year. Usually Long Term Contracts run until the end of the school year in July, so the length of your contract will most likely depend on your start date. For International teachers, the most popular time to start coincides with the start of each term in September, January and April. If you are interested in a Long Term Contract, Teach In will assist in you landing a role before you depart your home country months in advance from your start date. This will be via Skype interviews or our exclusive UK Head Teacher Tours that run each year. As a graduate teacher you will be allocated a mentor at your school, while Teach In will also put you in contact with other teachers living in or moving to the area. As you will have the full responsibilities of a teacher, we pay you in line with the main teacher pay scale in the UK.

Supply – Guaranteed Payment Scheme

Supply Teaching is the term used for casual relief or substitute teaching in the UK. The role of a supply/casual teacher is to cover lessons for the classroom teacher when they are away. It is common to work in multiple schools, which may be for a day, week or longer. Many international teachers enjoy supply teaching as it offers an opportunity to work in different school environments. It is also a great way to check out some schools before accepting a longer term role. It is important as a supply teacher to be flexible, as you may be asked to teach subjects outside of your trained methods. Those that are interested in supply teaching are able to join our Guaranteed Payment Scheme. Our GPS contract will guarantee you work, 4 days out of 5, in a range of schools in a specified area.  If we cannot find you work on any given day then we will pay you anyway. Our GPS is fantastic for those wanting a little more flexibility but still with the guarantee of pay.


If you were to secure a permanent position you would be employed directly by the school. You would be paid monthly as opposed to weekly in a Long Term Contract and your pay will be spread out over the 12 months of the year. You will be a full time member of staff with full staff benefits and you will be supported and trained within the one school indefinitely. Most schools will firstly employ an international teacher on a Long Term Contract, then if the school are impressed they may offer you another long term contract or offer you a permanent role at the school.

If you would like to discuss what option would work best for you, get in contact