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English Teacher

We have 870 students, with a growing 6th form and just fewer than 100 staff at the school.  As a school we are creative in our curriculum and we treat each child as an individual; because of this, learning and progress is at the centre of everything we do.  We work towards making the selective system irrelevant. This February 2018, we are seeking a full-time English teacher. You need to be passionate about inspiring others to love words, meanings, books & poems. You will be able to teach Year 7-9 mixed ability English lessons. At Year 10 & Year 11, you will be allocated GCSE classes. If you have not looked at the UK National Curriculum, this is your opportunity to. We already have one Aussie teacher in our English Department & a fellow Melburnian in our Science Department. You may be a recent international graduate or experiened English teacher. 

The school aims:

  • to be vibrant and have fun
  • to be the best upper school in Buckinghamshire and to be seen by the LEA as a beacon of excellence that has meaningful partnerships with other schools and the DfE
  • to be an innovative place that seizes opportunities, embraces cutting edge ICT and does things differently
  • to be oversubscribed, respected by the local community and have parents wanting to participate in the life of the school
  • to build its structures around students, listen to them and develop them both inside and outside the classroom
  • to allow everyone to learn in outstanding facilities
  • to promote staff excellence

We want every student who attends the school to reach their full potential academically.  We also put great value on extra-curricular clubs and activities.  During any one week there are over 50 clubs or activities running for students. We believe that this complements their academic studies, helps them to develop into well rounded individuals and enables them to make a positive contribution to the community.

We have wonderful facilities including a purpose built drama studio, 2 Apple Mac suites, a ratio of 1 computer to every 2.5 students, interactive whiteboards in each classroom, specialist technology classrooms and a sports hall.  We are a well-equipped school that gives our students every opportunity to engage in their learning.  Over the last few years we have invested heavily in ICT equipment and software.  We are well resourced in all areas and provide a mixture of resources for each department.  Our school environment is maintained to the highest standard and students are expected to respect this at all times.

Why not have contact Teach In for more, or better still come and join us.

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